Monday, February 21, 2011

Greed of Public Employees Knows no Bounds

As events unfold in Wisconsin this week, it is good that people have a chance to see how the other half lives. And by half, I mean the small percentage of people employed by government entities around this country. Last Fall we heard about the city of Bell near Los Angeles, in which currupt officials voted themselves million dollar pay & benefits packages, often while collecting pensions from other municipalities.

Now we have the tableau in Packerland. Teachers leaving classrooms empty for a week so they can circle the capitol in Madison likening the new governor to Hitler. When 20% of their fellow Americans are un- or under-employed, they keep demanding ever larger pay and benefits packages. While we in California were recoiling from the Bell scandal, Wisconsin teachers were suing their health care provider to cover Viagra.

And when you ask them how much you should give,
The only answer is more, more more!

Now that the eyes of the world have turned to Wisconsin and the teachers union realizes how disgusting their display of pique appears to the very people who pay their way the complaint has turned to, "We already agreed to pay more for benefits, but [governor] Walker wants to break up the union."

Really? Where have we heard that kind of poorly constructed argument before? Oh, yes. It is the free market as death knell scenario, isn't it? As in, "No one will let a left winger have a radio show like Rush."

The argument has no merit when it comes to talk radio and it has no merit applied to unions. You see, one of Walker's reforms is to force the union to collect their own dues and stand in (secret ballot) elections yearly to be re certified. They call this union-busting. What it is is choice.

Ooh, the c word! You see, the "pro choice" party is vehemently anti-choice when it comes to any activity other than exterminating a womb inhabitant. No choice in schools, no choice in union, and they'd love to limit ballots to Democrat-only too. The problem in that plan is us. Specifically, there are more of us than there are them. And more specifically, there are more of us forced to part of them (unions) who would LOVE the choice of withholding dues and certification. LOVE IT!

I've been a union guy. I've been a teacher. And the union never did a thing for me, ever. Except take money out of my check. I might get some money back if I live to be 72, but it will be a pittance. (By the way, what would these union thugs in Madison say if the Governor raised their retirement age to 72? Huh?)

So these Greek-like dramas playing out in Madison are a lesson to us all. The naked greed on display is sickening. Usually, it is liberals calling conservatives greedy -- because we like to keep some of the money we earn. So this week and the days to come provide glorious lessons in who the real greedy grabbers are:

  • School budgets have risen faster than inflation and enrollment combined over the last 20 years
  • More children leave high school unable to read or write at a six-grade level in Milwaukee than in any other large city
  • Private sector employees have taken pay cuts, and seen their budgets decimated by increased medical costs and higher co-pays
  • No one I know has seen a raise larger than 1.5% in the last 5 years
So watch the Wisconsin Show with this in mind. You are witnessing the grand beginning of the death knell of Public Sector unions. Therefore, you will see a lot of screaming and gnashing of teeth. And you will see the thugs and teachers (groups that overlap some) make every excuse under the sun as to why their unions should not have to seek the consent of those it purports to lead. They know they cannot win free and secret ballots. They know they've promised more than they can keep. And they know the days of leading Democrats around by the nose are nearly over.

So watch them whine and thrash and gnash their teeth. Smile if you're so inclined. For we are going to win this one. The same way my Packers won their Big Game.

MJB Wolf ones a share of the Green Bay Packers, works for a company in Wisconsin, and loves the state. But MJB hates unions. Duh!